After-sales service

  Solution for when the direction control button is invalid

  A.Firstly confirm whether all function keys of steering wheel control are invalid or only some function is not valid, if both are invalid, check whether the direction control
wires have been correctly connected, if the direction controls are in accordance with the original vehicle protocol, upgrade the corresponding lower computer software
to solve; if onlypart is invalid or disturbed, it can be solved through the method of direction control learning. If the direction control is realized through the original
vehicle protocol, thecorresponding lower computer software shall be upgraded;
  B.In the market, if the customer wants to add steering wheel control, purchase the wire control button, connect correctly, and then use it after direction control learning;

  The reverse image is not clear

  A、The cameras in the market are pretty different. There are high-definition cameras and high-definition cameras and the prices are different. The effect of
high-definition is much better. The effect of the cameras with LED lamps during the day can reflect light and the image will be white, however, the night effect of these
cameras will be good. The daytime effect of the cameras without LED lamps will be very good, but there will be snow flowers in the evening images, which is not clear
  B、If the camera image is dark and unclear, the brightness, the contrast and the chromaticity can be adjusted to a normal range by adjusting the OSD, and then you can
check out the effect

  Navigation Map cannot be opened

  A、Confirm whether the navigation card is inserted into the GPS card slot, and can pull out the navigation card again;
  B、Confirming whether the navigation path is set correctly;
  C、Judging whether the map card is matched;
  D、Customer deleting by mistake or SD card virus may also cause this failure;
  E、Fault of the navigation card itself;
  Navigation is not powered on, problem resolution

  A、If it is a new car, check whether the driving computer system of the original vehicle has been activated or not, some series such as VW series the audio power supply
is controlled by the driving computer ;
  B、Whether the voltage of the battery of the original car is too low or not, and the starting voltage of the navigation is higher than 10 V;
  C、For the protocol machine (such as the Volkswagen series), judge whether the protocol is wrong or not, and the corresponding machine is installed, and other original
vehicle protocols (such as Cruze and New LaCrosse) need to be connected with the protocol wire of the original vehicle;
  D、If the system is wrong, press the reset key (labeled "RES" on the panel) to see if it can be solved;
  E、Detecting whether the key of the panel is stuck or not, occupying the same time will cause the MCU to always reset, and unable to start the MCU;
  F、The navigation fuse or the original car CD fuse are open circuit or are not electrified;
  Analysis of Common Problems of CMMB Digital Television

  A、Digital TV is optional function, we reserve TV interface, we can input audio/video signal directly to navigation host, if the CMMB digital TV box is connected with
“TV- "line then touch control in TV interface can be realized , nowadays digital TV has been encrypted, when open channel and it displays" encrypted channel, cannot
play", you may need to go to the local Broadcasting Bureau to renew the subscription (now our TV box has three years expense) ;"
  B、The TV that the digital TV can search depends on the number of digital television stations that your city has opened. There will be differences in different cities;
  C、The digital television signal also depends on the environment in which the car is located, if the car is at the elevated bridge, the remote suburb or the signal is
shielded, the video signal can be stuck, the playing is not smooth and so on;