Travelling recorder
  • Travelling recorder

Travelling recorder

DrivingatnightsuchasdrivingSaferandmoreexclusiveautomaticexposurealgorithm,fastandsmoothmulti-scenelightchangesMatureautomaticwhitebalancealgorithm.   Notallexquisite,willbebusyduetothedesignandfinish


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Travelling recorder

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      Driving at night such as driving
    Safer and more exclusive automatic exposure algorithm, fast and smooth multi-scene light changes Mature automatic white balance algorithm.


      Not all exquisite, will be busy due to the design and finishing work in detail, all the exquisite details are included in the sleek appearance


    Wi-Fi wireless Internet, mobile phone download and playback, does not consume traffic
    Liang map sharing circle of friends, and friends and family to share the wonderful travel.



    Six-layer optical glass plus infrared filter, can withstand the high temperature
    Image is not damaged effectively reduce



    HD six lens

    product description


    Car recorder technology leader






    Safeguard their rights and interests, record evidence, prevent blackmail
    Scratch-resistant, anti-fake, all-inclusive package on me



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